After a decade of providing sophisticated security solutions for governments, businesses and educational institutions throughout America, we couldn’t ignore the daily headlines. As parents and members of the communities we serve, we rolled up our sleeves, determined to raise the bar by taking a fresh and unencumbered look at what’s needed to protect our children and schools.


In doing so, we’ve reinvented school security crisis response in important ways.

Since 2004, our Intra-Logic team has pioneered security solutions that are backed by 24/7 customer service, in-house warranties clients can count on, and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to be the best. Building upon that, we challenged our engineering team to design a better and more proactive solution for schools. It had to be fully customizable and compatible with all systems and hardware, while remaining flexible and sensitive to even the tightest budgets. Then we encouraged our sales department to learn about grants and other opportunities to help find schools funding when the budget dollars aren’t there.

We got to work, refining our own cutting-edge proprietary software and a vast array of tools. These include video surveillance, analytics, biometric detection, facial recognition; and physical integration throughout facilities – from doors, fences, burglar and fire alarms, remote access and keyless entry to GPS Tracking and RFID technologies, sensors, PA systems, and more, creating a total, comprehensive solution that really does it all.

White Button

With the single click of a button.

Urgent and high stake situations require a solution to initiate thoughtfully measured steps in a crisis, without panic, without confusion or delay, from a myriad of devices, to execute an immediate lock-down from wherever it’s necessary and whenever it’s needed, by anyone.

One-Button Lock-Down does it all, and is fully compatible with card access and security camera systems, if already in place, and if not, can be easily added and integrated if desired. The system can also be deployed as an upgrade to most any existing security system.

An intelligent, yet truly flexible school security solution designed to minimize the time required to notify law enforcement, to immediately lock-down the facility, and to take every conceivable step to protect the lives of students and staff

Today, we’re fiercely proud that One-Button Lock-Down is at work, behind the scenes at nearly 1500 schools, with more coming on-board every day.

Doing the right thing is a privilege.
We’re honored to do our part.