Alternate Funding for School Safety Solution

Our children’s well-being and our community’s confidence that they are being taught in a safe environment is paramount. Today we are constantly reminded that schools throughout the United States are plagued with the threat of deadly violence. These national events have awakened us to the need for an increased focus on school safety. We must ensure a secure learning environment while maintaining the integrity of an open educational setting and a comfortable atmosphere for students, staff and family.

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Unfortunately, answering the call for tighter school safety measures is not quite as simple as it sounds. We face the tough task of adopting a school budget in a new economic climate that includes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2-percent tax cap. The tax levy limit is a major game-changer, making decisions about tighter security measures at schools more difficult than ever.

We understand these issues, and is leading the way in providing the safest school environment for our children. Working with a funding consultant on school safety we have found a way to help you add security and not add to your budget.

Our in-house consultant writes grants, does fundraise and has local, state and federal relations that impact public education funding. He will work with you to find the money all school need to fund their school safety projects and the best thing is there is no cost to the school districts.

If this sounds good to you please call my office and set up appointment.


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