The One-Button Lock-Down Solution

Integration of rock-solid hardware and software customized for you

An emergency isn’t a time to wonder, it’s the time for action. While every school has unique needs and challenges, common to all is the urgency in a crisis to act swiftly, decisively, and without hesitation. One-Button Lock-Down features the seamless integration of hardware and software, empowering you to calm, proactive, effective and confident action. One-touch activation of a comprehensive security strategy, a system that saves time and saves lives.

For more in-depth explanation of One Button Lock Down services, watch our video!

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Robust, battle-tested and easy to use hardware integrates all security functions behind the scenes. A total solution that does many things across devices, all with the push of a single button: Push – Run – Activate and the police are notified and your facility locked-down and secured. redundant, monitored 24/7, and with minimal IT support or oversight required.

We customize it to your needs, prioritizing broad functionality and critical communication: Externally to get immediate help and internally to inform your community. Easily done and without confusing login or software procedures that only delay sharing information. Our system is uncommonly intuitive and user-friendly – we’ve designed it so anyone can utilize it.

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A comprehensive series of planned, coordinated and executed actions notify, speed help, and communicate with your community, in a calm, orderly, efficient fashion.

Summary of what happens during a Lock Down

+ Contacts the Police with critical information such as the location that the Lockdown was initiated from.

Secures all perimeter doors disabling card access and other electronic access control systems.

Flashes strobe lights on exterior entrance doors warning people not to return to campus.

Checks for doors that are ajar using the door ajar notification system and notify staff.

Automatically triggers pre-recorded lockdown message over the PA & Radio Systems.

Displays a message on all computer screens. The “Lockdown message” can be customized.

Triggers IP phones to show “Lockdown Message” & Play audible “Lockdown Message”.

Integrates with 3rd party notification system to alert Parents & Students off campus via Email, Text, and phone.


A broad range of options to initiate lock-down reflects preparation despite the impossible-to-predict nature of a crisis. Initiate from an iPad, a Smart phone, a click of a mouse, a hard-wired panic button or an IP telephone system and more. Fast, easy and no guess-work.

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Activated by multiple devices, the result is an optimized response without the panic that can lead to unacceptable delays from other systems that are needlessly over- complicated. We minimize what you have to do to maximize a swifter execution of what you need to do.

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